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New Construction

Appraising new construction homes requires a nuanced approach, combining expertise in the market, technical proficiency, and a solid grasp of construction methods and materials. Nationwide's initiative to elevate the appraisal process for new homes is forward-thinking. By creating vetted appraiser panels consisting of appraisers that have the highest level of understanding when it comes to appraising new construction homes, we aim to ensure a higher level of accuracy and reliability in new home evaluations.This approach benefits all stakeholders in the process. For buyers, it provides assurance that their potential new home is appraised accurately, reflecting its true value and quality of construction. For lenders, it ensures that the property's value is appraised accurately which mitigates risk. And for the builder, it sets a benchmark of quality and value to build on for future growth and development.

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Our Approach to New Construction

Nationwide will lead a specialized approach to new home appraisals, potentially influencing industry-wide practices. Our approach highlights the importance of advanced training in appraisals, especially in sectors like new construction where details and standards can significantly differ from appraising existing properties.

Here's a detailed breakdown of why Nationwide is a leading AMC in new construction homes: