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Jared Willis, VP - Senior Account Executive 

Dean Powell, 
Review/QC Analyst 

Laura Thijssen, 
Order Analyst 

Marie Anastasi,
 Director, Human Resources
Ann-Marie Fassano, 
Customer Service Analyst
Rockie Traugott, 
VP - Senior Account Executive
Oliver Yasay,
Orders Analyst 

Josh Belzer,
Business Support Analyst
Kiran Emmanuel,
Corporate Controller 

Tanya Kleinschmidt,
Staff Appraiser
Bob Rochefort,
Staff Appraiser 

Floyd Debow,
Staff Appraiser
James George,
Staff Appraiser
Gregg Goodwin,
Staff Appraiser
Alan Matthews,
Staff Appraiser
Justin Sampoang,
Staff Appraiser

Our Latest Review

"I have worked with Nationwide Property & Appraisal Services for years now, and I must say, I've experienced a service level and top-notch expertise like no other appraisal management company I've worked with before. From their responsiveness to their daily efforts on your orders, Nationwide Property & Appraisal Services is hard to match."
- Brad Edmondson, CCM Producing Branch Manager
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Meet Marshall Brownstein

Marshall is a second-generation real estate appraiser who embarked on a career change after graduating from Johnson and Wales University in Providence, RI, with a degree in Hospitality Management in 1993. Transitioning from various roles in the 1990s, Marshall began his apprenticeship under his father, a seasoned real estate professional, in 1999. Marshall delved into fieldwork after obtaining his Real Estate Appraiser Certification in 2006.

Marshall's career trajectory is a testament to his dedication and expertise. In 2011, he seized an opportunity with Fannie Mae as a Forensic Review Appraiser, contributing significantly to the FNMA Repurchase Program for two years. After a brief return to fieldwork, he joined Olde City Lending Solutions in 2014 as a Review Appraiser. His exceptional performance propelled him to the role of Senior Review Appraiser, and with Olde City Lending's acquisition by Nationwide Property and Appraisal Services, he assumed the role of Vice President of Quality Control. Over the next four years, he adeptly managed the Revisions and Correction Department and handled QC Escalations, collaborating closely with lenders and appraisers on repurchase responses. In 2024, his 10th year with the organization, Marshall's responsibilities expanded to oversee the entire review department, a testament to his professional growth. 

Marshall indulges in hobbies outside of work, such as collecting music from various eras, playing music, and working on his guitars. Married for 11 years, he shares his home in Sellersville, PA, with his wife Karen and their beloved Bewier Terrier named Geddy Lee.

“Marshall is the perfect contrast to my management style, with an unmatched understanding of the technical aspects of appraisal methodology. His experience with formerly writing and now reviewing post funding audits at the highest level, makes him an invaluable asset to our clients.”- Rachel Treadwell, Chief Valuation Officer

Meet Rachel Treadwell

Rachel made a significant career shift in 1997, driven by her deep commitment to her growing family. With a strong network in the mortgage and real estate sectors, she recognized the rising demand for skilled appraisers and the flexibility it could offer her.

After years of rigorous appraiser education, invaluable mentorships, and independent field work, Rachel joined Value IT (a joint venture of Wells Fargo and First American, later acquired by Core Logic) in 2004.

Throughout the past 25 years, Rachel has sought to continually expand her expertise as an independent appraiser, staff appraiser, reviewer, auditor, public speaker, and member of numerous professional organizations and in various regional and national management positions. Her appraisal and senior management knowledge evolved from working within roles, highlighting differing perspectives of each side of the appraisal industry. Rachel has utilized her experience and dedication to our industry by serving on teams, boards, and committees to help educate agents, lenders, and regulators on appraisal practices and methodologies and pilot several new appraisal forms and technologies. Her favorite challenge, being a custom plug-in, allows appraisers to utilize their preferred software to deliver EDI reports, marking the first completion of a project where MISMO’s XML open standard was used in production. 

At the beginning of 2019, Rachel joined the Nationwide Property and Appraisal Services team as Director of Compliance. She adeptly initiated new policies and strengthened existing processes for QC-related operations and escalations within the internal teams. Recognizing Rachel’s understanding of client perspective and regulatory knowledge, she was quickly promoted to Chief Appraiser to bridge client experience with our internal operations teams. Rachel’s role changed again this year with her promotion to Chief Valuation Officer. Recently, significant changes have occurred within the appraisal industry with regard to alternative products, technology, regulatory bodies, and requirements. Rachel’s vast knowledge of compliance and effective communication with regulators, combined with her appraisal practice and regulatory experience from the appraiser, AMC, and lender viewpoints, enables her to effectively communicate between all parties involved in any scenario to best serve and protect our clients and employees in her new role.  

Above all else, Rachel is a wife, mother, and grandmother. Most of her free time is spent with two-year-old Charlie Kate and one-year-old Nash. She is an avid supporter of The University of Georgia athletics and can often be found at their football, baseball, or softball games. When quiet time is needed, she escapes to trout streams throughout the country with her husband to fly fish. 
"In the four years working under Rachel Treadwell, she has aided in my development into a seasoned professional, preparing me for a larger leadership role." - Marshall Brownstein, VP of Quality Control, Revisions & Corr

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