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Joseph Cudwadie, VP - Senior Account Executive

Erik Nelson,
SVP - Senior Account Executive

Paul Kreuzer,
Account Executive

Carmen Thompson,
Customer Service - Guideline
Kinkaid McManus,
Inside Account Manager

Joseph DeStasio,
Chief Operating Officer

Steven Vella,
Chief Financial Officer

Guilliaume Kellogg,
Staff Appraiser
John Stasko, Staff Appraiser

Our Latest Review

"I have been a Certified Residential Appraiser since 2000 and have been working as a panel Appraiser with Nationwide for over 10 years. I have obviously worked with countless AMC's in that time, some good and some bad, and some of which have come and gone. I can honestly say that Nationwide is the absolute best. They are just so professional, so very courteous, so very friendly and so in touch with both the how and the what of the whole appraisal process that they are simply a joy to work for. Not only do they communicate wonderfully with their Appraisers, but they treat their Appraisers wonderfully as well.

The entire staff is simply the best, from Rachel Sandora and Nicole Shorter and just about everyone else at any level really. Having worked with the Nationwide for many years I can say that many of the staff I originally started working with were Account Executives or lower (and as Nationwide tends to promote from within) and are now in both management and executive positions, which shows you that the company rewards and values both hard work and relationships above all. It also means that as an Appraiser working with them that not only are you treated in that same fantastic way, but that the people in the executive and management positions are intimately familiar with the trials and tribulations faced by the staff (and the appraisers that they are working with) below them, understand any issues that anyone might be facing, and always go the extra mile for everyone involved... Absolutely best AMC to do work with, for OR through in all aspects. For sure."
- Ted Delgaizo
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Meet Matt Cantin

We are delighted to spotlight Matt Cantin, a valued member of our Nationwide team whose journey reflects dedication, versatility, and a deep appreciation for company culture. Originally from Omaha, NE, Matt currently calls Nashville home, though plans for a return to the Midwest are on the horizon.

Matt's tenure with Nationwide began in 2019, but his expertise in appraisal management spans an impressive 13 years. His path to Nationwide is intertwined with the company's growth, as he joined us through acquiring OrderProUSA. Starting as an Inside Account Manager, Matt's role has evolved to encompass a broader scope, particularly in Quality Control, where his efforts have been pivotal in streamlining our processes and enhancing efficiency.Beyond his professional endeavors, Matt's passion lies in the camaraderie fostered among colleagues and the vibrant culture that defines Nationwide. His appreciation for the people he works with speaks volumes to our workplace's collaborative spirit.

In his free time, Matt enjoys unwinding on the golf course, and he also loves to play music. When football season rolls around, Matt can be found cheering on his beloved teams, the Huskers and Chiefs.

Matt's journey embodies the ethos of Nationwide – a blend of professional expertise, dedication to improvement, and a genuine sense of community. We are proud to have Matt on our team, contributing his talents and enriching our workplace daily.
"Matt came onboard at Nationwide as part of our OrderPro acquisition a few years ago. He started in our QC department, but graciously shifted to assist our account management and orders departments when they needed reliable support due to high volumes. Recently, the need arose for someone with appraisal knowledge to help with a new process. Matt was successfully stolen back by the QC team. He has become one of our most versatile employees, always willing to step into a new role or project. "
- Rachel Treadwell, Chief Appraiser

Product Spotlight

We are thrilled to showcase a standout offering: Credit Union EDGE. This product isn't your average financial solution; it is tailor-made with Credit Unions in mind. Picture this: a network of local offices spanning the nation, staffed by knowledgeable experts specializing in loans and appraisals. What sets us apart? Exclusive product lines catering to both Consumer & Commercial Lending needs. Our service model revolves around you. We prioritize your experience above all else, fostering strong community ties and personal relationships. And when it comes to technology, we are not just tech-savvy; we leverage it to enhance your journey. So, if you are ready to elevate your financial game, delve into Credit Union EDGE on our website. It's time to experience excellence firsthand.
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Missed the Webinar or Want to Revisit the Insights? Catch Up Now!

Whether you attended our recent "2024 Valuation Update with Freddie Mac" webinar and want to revisit the valuable insights or missed the live session altogether, we've got you covered! The recording is now available for you to watch at your convenience. Dive into discussions on the latest trends and updates shaping the future of property valuation, featuring insights from Freddie Mac and Nationwide Property & Appraisal Services (NPAS). Don't miss out—watch the recording now and stay ahead in the ever-evolving  industry.
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