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Linda Beckman, VP Account Management

Tyler Fallon, VP Data & Information Security

David Fain Jr., SVP, Sales Team Lead

Kimberly Tieben, Customer Service
Kathryn Ridgway, Staff Appraiser

David Bolhuis, Staff Appraiser
Sibylle Letzelter, Staff Appraiser
Ken Midzenski, Staff Appraiser

Our Latest Review

"Working as one of Nationwide Property & Appraisal Services approved panel appraisers has been great. We have been very pleased with the professionalism and customer service. Someone is always right there to handle whatever we need. Being that we are in a service type business, turnaround time and communication are two of the most important components. Working with Nationwide helps us consistently accomplish this in our reports. The quality of our reports is paramount. As an appraiser, for 37 years in this area, this is where we align in our mutual business mission statement. Nationwide Property & Appraisal Services also has an effective accounts payable system and ensures that we are paid for our work in a timely manner. Thank you team!"
- Scott Matthew, Matthew & Associates Appraisal Services
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Meet Laura Thijssen

Laura has been an Orders Analyst with First Choice, a Division of Nationwide Property & Appraisal Services, for just over six years. Laura has always prided herself in the relationships she builds with the appraisers, clients, and coworkers alike. Before entering the appraisal industry, she was a golf professional and later worked in golf retail.

Laura was born and raised in the Netherlands. She came to the US on a full scholarship to play golf for Coastal Carolina University. After having moved to Oregon and gaining her American citizenship, she met her husband, Jason. Laura still loves to play golf, but she recently discovered stand-up paddleboarding and spends many summer days on the lakes and rivers in the Pacific Northwest. She also enjoys mushroom hunting, wine tasting, going to rodeos with Jason, as well as Zumba and reading murder mysteries.  If you need travel advise for Holland, feel free to reach out!
I have had the pleasure of working with Laura for over 6 years – I admire her efficiency and work ethic, along with her drive to learn new skills. Plus she is the only other person I know that loves black licorice!  Laura is very personable and always strives to provide our clients with the best!  She is a TRUE Rockstar!- Amber Stojanov, AVP - Customer Service

Our Latest Events

It was an absolute pleasure to connect with each and every one of you who graced us with your presence. Your enthusiasm and engagement have been truly inspiring. 

We are excited to keep the momentum going!  Be sure to stay tuned for updates on our next trade show appearances and sponsored events. We are eager to keep you informed about the opportunities to connect, learn, and grow together.

ValuNation Podcast Corner

In Episode 7 of ValuNation's Season 2, we embark on an exciting journey with NPAS Inside Account Manager, Jenessa Miller. Join us as we explore Jenessa's incredible career path in the mortgage industry, her adventures as a celebrity handler at Comicon, heartwarming family moments, her adorable new furry friend, and her passion for music. Plus, we settle the age-old debate: Is it Taylor Ham or Pork Roll? Don't miss this entertaining and inspiring episode of "The Come Up Chronicles."
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