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Mary Jefferson, Bookkeeper

Cyndi O'Neal,
Orders Analyst

Kevin Hopkins,
VP, Compliance

Cody Golisch, 
QC Analyst
Robert Johnson, 
Client Services Specialist

Laurie Andrews, 
Orders Analyst
Sri Velamati,

Michelle LaKing, Customer Service Analyst

Kevin Grant,
 Staff Appraiser
Jaie Woltjen, 
Staff Appraiser
Robert Collins, 
Staff Appraiser 

Our Latest Review

"We thoroughly enjoy working with all of the staff at Nationwide Property and Appraisal Services. Besides being efficient, they are always very friendly, pleasant and accommodating. They are by far our favorite management company to work with!"
- Steven Guerrera
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Meet Kinkaid McManus

Kinkaid is from Richmond, TX, and has been with Integrity Appraisal Management, a Division of Nationwide Property & Appraisal Services, since 2015. Kinkaid manages key lender accounts in Texas and has also worked in operations and compliance.Before entering the appraisal industry, he worked in the oil andgas manufacturing industry for 23 years.

Kinkaid has been married to his high school sweetheart, Tanya, for 28 years. Together, they have a son, Carson (26), a petroleum engineer in Dallas, TX, and a daughter, Parker (23), a pediatric CVICU nurse in Houston, TX. They also have three rescued pit mix dogs that have claimed all the furniture as their own.

Outside of work, Kinkaid likes hunting, among other outdoor activities. He and Tanya enjoy traveling and have had the opportunity to go to Europe over the past several years. He and his family also like going to Disney World. Kinkaid played college baseball, graduated from UH, and is a huge Houston Astros fan.
"Kinkaid is a very helpful and supportive member of our team. Even when he is busy he takes the time to listen to our concerns, answer our questions, and helps us find solutions to problems that arise. He has a great sense of humor which tends to bring a smile or laughter to a frustrating situation.  I have learned a lot from him and am grateful to work with him for the past 6 years."
- Joan Popkowski

Our Latest Events

We want to express our gratitude for your continued support and engagement. We are grateful for the opportunity to connect with each and every one of you! While our next trade shows are scheduled for next year, we're dedicated to keeping the momentum going. Stay tuned for upcoming newsletters, where we'll share valuable content, tips, and opportunities for us to connect, learn, and grow together.  Your involvement in our community means a lot to us, and we're excited about the journey ahead.

Halloween Property Trivia

This Halloween, let's put your knowledge to the test with some spooky property trivia! Challenge yourself or your friends and see who can claim the title of the ultimate Halloween property expert. So, grab your cauldron of knowledge and let's dive into the world of haunted houses, mysterious properties, and enigmatic estates – Happy Halloween!
Answers: 1. The movie is "Beetlejuice." 2. The terrifying and supernatural events in their new home, is said to be due to the house being built on a site with a history of violence and suffering. 3. The movie is "The Shining." 4. The game is "Ghosts in the Graveyard," a spooky twist on the classic Monopoly board game. 5. The film is "Rear Window." 6. The novel is "The Haunting of Hill House."

ValuNation Podcast Corner

In Episode 7 of ValuNation's Season 2, we embark on an exciting journey with NPAS Inside Account Manager, Jenessa Miller. Join us as we explore Jenessa's incredible career path in the mortgage industry, her adventures as a celebrity handler at Comicon, heartwarming family moments, her adorable new furry friend, and her passion for music. Plus, we settle the age-old debate: Is it Taylor Ham or Pork Roll? Don't miss this entertaining and inspiring episode of "The Come Up Chronicles."
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