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Annie Slater, Review/QC 

Kelli Clark, Staff Appraiser 

Zaykeda Hall, Accounting Associate 

Andrea Struble, Account Executive
Kimberly McFarlane, Review 

Chad Karol, SVP, Alternative Valuation Operations
David Bolhuis Sr., Staff Appraiser
Margaret Lai, Staff Appraiser
Mike Kirk, Chief Innovation Officer

Our Latest Review

"Folks, I've been a Certified General Real Estate Appraiser for 30 years, and an Appraiser for 33 years. Over my many years, I have seen Appraisal Management Companies come and go, and I can tell you that Nationwide Property & Appraisal Service is the best. They work with great Lenders and treat their Appraisers with respect and fairness. Sheri Olsen and the entire team are fabulous! No broadcast orders to the lowest bidder, and no wasted time with silly bid requests and unnecessary QC conditions. They get it right, with integrity, sincerity and impartiality..."
- Stephen Lacy
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Meet Nicole Shorter

We are excited to shine the spotlight on Nicole Shorter, a remarkable member of our Nationwide family. Nicole is celebrating a significant milestone with us, marking her 11th year at Nationwide on December 10. Starting in Customer Service, Nicole's dedication and skill led her through several roles – from Orders Representative to Specialized Orders Representative, and then ascending to the leadership positions of Team Lead Orders and, ultimately, Orders Manager.

Nicole's tenure at Nationwide is also notable for her personal journey. She holds the distinction of being one of the first mothers at Nationwide, a milestone reached nine years ago. Her colleagues, many of whom are original to Nationwide, have had the unique opportunity to witness her daughter's growth, creating a familial atmosphere that Nicole treasures deeply.

Away from work, Nicole is an ardent Philadelphia Eagles fan. Her passion for the team was evident at the office, where her desk became a mini-shrine adorned with Eagles memorabilia, a testament to her unwavering support. When not cheering for her favorite team, Nicole indulges in her love for reading and enjoys diving into the world of reality TV, exploring various narratives and characters.
A fun fact about Nicole is her lifelong friendship with Inside Account Manager, Jenessa Miller, her best friend for over 20 years since their middle school days. It was Jenessa who opened the door for Nicole at Nationwide. Affectionately called 'Ness' by Nicole, this nickname soon caught on around the office, further illustrating Nicole's influence and the warm, personable nature she brings to our workplace.

Nicole's journey at Nationwide is a blend of professional growth, personal milestones, and the joy of lifelong friendships. Her story is a testament to the vibrant community spirit that thrives in our company.
"Kinkaid is a very helpful and supportive member of our team. Even when he is busy he takes the time to listen to our concerns, answer our questions, and helps us find solutions to problems that arise. He has a great sense of humor which tends to bring a smile or laughter to a frustrating situation.  I have learned a lot from him and am grateful to work with him for the past 6 years."
- Joan Popkowski

Gather Around for Thanksgiving Trivia!

It's that time of year when we give thanks and enjoy the warmth of our loved ones. To add an extra dash of fun to our Thanksgiving celebrations, we've prepared a special trivia section! Filled with questions about Thanksgiving history, traditions, and fun facts, this trivia is perfect for everyone, so get ready to test your Thanksgiving knowledge!
Answers: 1. November 1621 2. 3.5 Million 3. President George H.W. Bush 4. The Dallas Cowboys and The Detriot Lions 5. $64.05 according to the American Farm Bureau Federation 6. 1973

ValuNation Podcast Corner

In this electrifying episode of ValuNation Podcast, we’re shaking things up as our very own producer, Jordan Sandlin, steps into the spotlight! Join us for a journey through the vibrant corridors of pop culture before we dive into the heart of a generational showdown: Millennial vs Gen Z. This episode offers a hilarious yet insightful exploration of the languages, lifestyles, and laughs that define two dynamic generations. Tune in and find out where you stand in the great generational debate on ValuNation Podcast – your go-to place for all things now and nostalgic!
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